Sunday, November 23, 2008

Big Buddies Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and we thought one way we can celebrate and show the love of Jesus is to bless the families that participate in the Big Buddies program. The Big Buddies program matches people from our church with "at-risk children in single-parent homes who need a positive adult role-model in their life." We would like to provide needed services to these families (such as yard work or fix a household item that's broken) or bless them with a meaningful gift (such as a gift certificate to Boomer's so they can go have fun as a family). We are currently asking the families what needs they have, so more information is sure to follow. If you'd like to sign-up to help or have any questions, please email Christion at Thanks!

PS: The idea for this was partially inspired by the Advent Conspiracy. Here's one of their promo videos:

Monday, November 03, 2008

A FoM Victory ... of sorts

You know when the Raiders or 49ers have a bye week it's celebrated as a huge victory, because, well, they can't lose. Cause they didn't play. Well tonight the FoM Softball team got themselves a Bay Area Victory!! Our game was rained out. The troops had rallied, we'd a team ready to take the field and 2 hours before the game was to start I got a call saying they were calling the game on account of rain.

So to you FoM Softball players I say, good job and well done. There is hope of a make up game scheduled so stay tuned. The excitement is palpable.