Thursday, September 25, 2008

FoM Softball League Standing

By virtue of an improved offense providing more RBI's and some solid defense your FoM CalvarlySLO softball team is in 2nd (to last) place! Way to go gents. With hard work and a few more games under our belt I know a victory is right around the corner!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MENtor Myth I

I'm not qualified to be a MENtor

I had the opportunity to be a Resident Assistant my senior year in college. Each new R.A. had an outgoing R.A. from the previous year as a Mentor. I’ll never forget the advice Mike gave me which I still practice to this day. “Aaron”, he said, “there will come a time when a guy on your floor is going to knock on your door at 2am and at that moment you need to say, ‘God, Help!’.”

Feeling inadequate in the capacity of leading and mentoring is a common ailment that afflicts many Christian men all the way back to the early days of man. Moses, standing before God at the burning bush, told God he was unqualified to lead others. Gideon asked God to perform not 1, not 2 but 3 miracles before he undertook the mantel of leading other men. The prophet Jeremiah attempted to claim youth as making him unqualified. Often we’ll think because we don’t have the right education (or any education), the experiences, enough Biblical knowledge, we haven’t been a Christian long enough, etc that we are unqualified to be a mentor.

Yet looking at these men who’ve gone before us, they were not the biggest, the best, the most educated or the most “qualified” in the eyes of men. They were men willing to share all aspects of their relationship with God, with the men around them. Being a mentor is not about knowing everything or even knowing more than most, it’s about being a friend.

Fishers of Men Softball BoxScore III Sept 22, 2008

Last night the FoM played an incredible game, one which, for most of the game they had the lead. Multiple goals were accomplished both in the field and at the plate during the 3rd game of the season.

1. Pitcher Dan Hofstee recorded not 1 but 2 strike outs
2. The team batted around in not 1 but 2 innings
3. We scored first
4. We scored double digits

About the only thing that didn't go the way for the FoM was leading at the end of the game. It was a tough fought battle and a hard 15-14 loss in the bottom of the final inning. But we have to be encouraged since we only fielded 9 players (out of a possible 10) and had the lead for most of the game. BIG kudos go out to Kurt Gloeckler (a reserve from last season) and John Kozina (a friend from Aaron's work) for getting us to the required 9 players to avoid a forefit.

Aaron brought/used his MANteen (pictured above) which all men who attend the CalvarySLO Men's Advance will get. I don't want to say that the MANteen was directly responsible for the stellar performance of the FoM, but the way it performed in keeping the water cold for hours certainly provided inspiration.

Game ball goes to James and Kate Johnson for homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies and JuiceBoxes

Monday, September 22, 2008

Men's Advance Location

On Sunday, a few of us went up to Rancho Alegre, Boy Scout Camp in the Los Padres forest near Santa Barbara to...well scout it out. I have been to the camp about half a dozen times, but never got an extensive tour due to other parties being at the camp when I visited.

This time it was abandoned so we were able to walk through:
  • all six (4 overflow if needed) dormatories (not great but clean, you'll w ant to bring an extra pad to sleep on or there should be extras to double up on, each man will probably get their own personal bunk bed)
  • the meeting/dining hall (pretty cool way better than Cambria, the PA works, but probably not for worship...we may do a lot outside)
  • the pool we won't get to use (long story)
  • the pond that is dried up until it rains again
  • the campfire area (think of the typical Boy Scout Camp bonfire area...yup that's it)
  • the outdoor chapel (pictured was at least 12 levels of aweso me)
  • the archery and shooting range (um 12 levels of awesome cubed!)
  • someone there told us about a 4 hour hike! (yeah 3 hours up 1 hour down...boooya)
  • oh yeah...the mosquitos scouted us...(note to self, bring mosquito repellant)
  • on the way I kept thinking how sweet it would be to ride my motorcycle there...
We ended our scouting trip with a time of prayer. That the Lord would annoint this place for all of the men that he calls to go Oct 10-12. That our time there would be "a kick in the pants." Meaning both a great time and an opportunity for God our Father to give us a swift kick in the pants where necessary. The theme is "Giving up Childish Ways (1 Cor 13:11).

I can't wait to see what the Lord does!

This is the actual sign you should look for, right after Lake Cachuma's on the right hand side when going towards Santa Barbara on the left hand side if coming from SB on HWY 154...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fishers of Men Softball BoxScore II Sept 15, 2008

The CalvarySLO Fishers of Men Softball team went out and totally crushed their goal of scoring a run. CalvarySLO FoM crossed Home plate 4 times. While another close game eventually got away from the FoM, the improvement in play and performance was highly evident in the 4-16 loss.

FoM recorded 2 double plays, 1 of the (by Sterling Higgins) was unassisted at 1st base. A special thanks to Kate and Maddie Johnson for coming out and watching us play ball. Game ball goes to Dave Norris and Dan Hofstee. Dave came off the bench and filled in for a traveling Greg Squires and Dan pitched a great game filling in for Greg who pitched last week for us.

Kudos go to all the men who come out and play, have a good time and encourage one another.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Its all tied up: Married vs. Singles soccer

After a grueling 2 hours of soccer, the married's team win it 6 to 4. It was 7 on 7 soccer with a few subs throughout the game. We played 20-30 minute quarters. There were a couple patches of dirt on the field, but everyone had a good time. I think this the first Kingdom builders event were we had ZERO injuries...I think thats unheard of. Praise the Lord. We grilled up about 40 brats after the game and reminisced middle school soccer games with CapriSun's. It was a good time of fellowship, meeting other men, and using muscles that never get any exercise.
In the overall Married vs. Singles soccer matchup, we are tied up 1 to 1. You know what this means. Keep your eyes open for the next MvS soccer match: The Championships.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Fishers of Men Softball BoxScore Sept 9, 2008

CalvarySlo - Dominate(d)

The inaugural game of the fall season for Lower Division Single A City Parks and Recreation Softball League has officially begun. The Calvary Men played their hearts out in a very close game that was lost in the waning minutes of the final inning. CalvarySlo almost took it to extra innings in the 18-0 loss but tonight it was not to be.

Though unmatched in heart, they were outmatched in runs though it is suspected that the opposing team was using performance enhancing softball skills as evidence by their ability to score more runs than us. While the win was illusive, the "jock"ularity had by the men and both fans who came out to watch us rivaled any mid-week afternoon SLO Blues game.

This season we had to say goodbye to a few of our players from last season:
1. Joey Hill was traded to his family for a season to be named later
2. Sean Brennan was placed on the 15 day DL until he realizes softball is part of his DNA
3. Ty McCarthy also on the 15 day DL until his hiatus is complete
3. Dave Norris, John Brandenburg and Jordan Vargas were sent down to the minors to further their education
4. Aaron Nesper was traded to Home Builders for a plate of brownies and a carafe of milk

In the absence of these fine gentlemen we've added some fresh players to this season's roster. Please help me welcome:
1. Sterling Higgins - playing with his left foot stitched to 1st base
2. John Depry catching everything hit into Left Center and throwing them out at home
3. Derek Rosenstrauch covering Short Stop like Jeter and Rodriguez put together
4. James Johnson dominating Right Field

This season holds a ton of promise and expectations are high that FoM Softball will be able to repeat the 2 win season from last year. So please, if you aren't doing anything on Monday nights (let's face it, with MNF airing games including Arizona, Oakland, SF, Cleveland and Houston they aren't making much of a case to stay home and watch football) please come out and support your local Lower Division Single A City Parks and Recreation CalvarySlo Softball team.

**Game ball goes to Carrie Squires who fearlessly retrieved a foul ball from behind the backstop.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

FoM Softball Fall 2008 Schedule

Our CalvarySLO Men's Softball team will be in full effect (that's a term from the 80's I think) this Fall 2008. Below is the schedule.

Please come and support our men. There are lot's of opportunities to witness to others in the stands as well as fellowshipping with the other CalvarySLO peeps. Sometimes they bring a cooler full of drinks and hang out after the game.

They could seriously use a few more guys (even if you share your spot with someone). Contact AMac at

Game Date Time Location

9-8 6:30 p.m. El Chorro 2

9-15 7:10 p.m. Santa Rosa

9-22 6:30 p.m. El Chorro 2

9-29 8:20 p.m. Santa Rosa

10-6 6:30 p.m. El Chorro 2

10-13 8:20 p.m. Santa Rosa

10-20 7:40 p.m. El Chorro 2

10-27 7:10 p.m. Santa Rosa

11-3 8:50 p.m. El Chorro 2

11-10 8:20 p.m. Santa Rosa