Sunday, September 14, 2008

Its all tied up: Married vs. Singles soccer

After a grueling 2 hours of soccer, the married's team win it 6 to 4. It was 7 on 7 soccer with a few subs throughout the game. We played 20-30 minute quarters. There were a couple patches of dirt on the field, but everyone had a good time. I think this the first Kingdom builders event were we had ZERO injuries...I think thats unheard of. Praise the Lord. We grilled up about 40 brats after the game and reminisced middle school soccer games with CapriSun's. It was a good time of fellowship, meeting other men, and using muscles that never get any exercise.
In the overall Married vs. Singles soccer matchup, we are tied up 1 to 1. You know what this means. Keep your eyes open for the next MvS soccer match: The Championships.


CoachZ said...

Awesome Austin! Thanks to you and Nesper (also Christion?) for putting on a great event.

I may have to buy some cleats and join in for the championship/tie-breaker!

David Norris said...

I'm holding you to that Pat, Chuck style.

CoachZ said...

Chuck doesn't need cleats...he tells the earth what kind of traction he desires at any given moment.

That sounds lame huh?