Monday, August 14, 2006

El Salvador Crew the Return

I'm going to be posting some of the quotes from the guys that went on this trip here for the next few days. Enjoy...God was tremdously glorified and worked on each of these men's hearts. Rejoice!

"It’s hard to believe I was only in El Sal for a week. There is so much opportunity down there. The people at the church in Zacatecaluca have few material possessions but they are rich in Christ! They are genuine, hospitable, and their joy and perseverance in difficult times is inspirational. God is faithful. He provides more than they hope or imagine, and it stirs my spirit to be a part of that." - Tim Romano

"We came, we saw, we came back healthy! God provided throughout the entire trip and it was so evident in everything from getting through police checkpoints without trouble to keeping us safe with all the crazy food we ate! Despite some very different labor practices like mixing cement on the ground and pounding the ground flat with cement posts, I think a lot was accomplished and the people were very encouraged. They were the most amazing people and made us all question whether we truly wanted to come back to the States or just stay down there and work. Awesome trip overall!" - Nate Watts

Just wanted to give you KingdomBuilders the inside scoop on some CalvarySLO men who are going down to El Salvador to do some work on the church in Zacatecoluca (hope I spelled that right!) Here's the scoop:

6 men from left to right Jacob, Tim, Kevin, Howie, Nate, Brandon, Bryan

First week of August

What they are doing:
They hope to extend the foundation and roof of the church (which is a concrete slab, tin roof, and no walls right now.) The goal is to double the size of the church right now. They will also be repairing the existing structures as well as helping to build the orphanage onsite.

How can you help:
PRAY! These men will need our prayers as they experience language barriers, fatigue, and such. ALSO, please pray about supporting this effort financially. All checks sent to CalvarySLO (El Salvador in memo line) will go towards the above mentioned construction. As far as I know each of these men are paying their own way and going on their own time so the funds collected will buy concrete and other building materials.

I don't know about you but I'm excited to see what the Lord will do with these men's hearts as well as the help both for the Church in Zacatecoluca and the poor orphans that will eventually be housed on premises. This is true Worship thru Service!