Sunday, December 03, 2006

Marrieds vs. Singles III

Who knew that Ultimate Frisbee was such a popular "sport"? I sure didn't but there were some men who played today that were "totally into Ultimate"!

We had what seemed like 30 single men show up and to say a dozen married men showed would be generous. (Maybe we should play shuffle board next time?)

Anywhoo regardless of the fact we were outnumberd 3 to 1 the Marrieds pulled out the victory. Marrieds = 10, Singles = 7 (I think that was the official score...if not e-mail me and I'll correct it).


The game started by each side sizing each other up. Marrieds were a little worried since they were so outnumbered. So worried in fact they were asking me to play! I hate running...that's why I play Roller Hockey.

Each team kept trading touchdowns...or are they called goals? Whatever...marrieds were getting tired but kept battling while the singles just kept getting fresh legs on their team. Then came a shot in the arm by the name of Murdoch...yes Dan Murdoch came to the rescue. He was all over the field blocking passes and generally jumping 12 feet in the air to play offense or defense.

Tim Whitacre got the "Took one for the team" award this year. He made a sprawling in the air catch that we believe separated or at least severely injured his shoulder. He went to the hospital I believe...if anyone knows anything comment on the blog and let us know. Before he left we all huddled up and prayed for him (I sent a silent one up that his injury wouldn't be in vane and that Marrieds would still be victorious).

Other random memories were of Jacob and new Kyle not Lind (who I think yearn to play Ultimate professionally) basically showing they have ultimate skills. Whether it's the way they calmly pass, block, jump, catch etc or whatever they showed they play this game a little too much. Cody had some amazing catches that he didn't complete but a spectacular one that made the crowd cheer. Oh and I happened to be in the end zone (is that right) for a couple of touchdown/goals. (remember I don't run so i just kinda hung out there)

Ok I'm tired and itchy from the grass so I'm gonna sign out. Check in later as I'll post some pics that I took with Lori Thompson's camera if they came out. All in all we had a great time and I hope we all got to know someone new.

A HUGE shout out to my Talmidim (the guys I disciple) Josh Krumheuer and Aaron Nesper for totally running with this event. One of the requirements Christian Henderson and I have for igKnight Disciples is to serve in some capacity. It was sweet for me to watch these guys go for it!

Next competition? Bocci ball...think we could get some marrieds out for that?


Kevin Markley said...

yeah, Tim did break his color bone.

bryan said...

time broke his colar!

aside from that...go team!!!

Jacob said...

I think the score was 10-7, I don't want to hurt their ego too much. I had a great time playing with you all and hope we can do it again some time. The last stragglers played until 3:45ish - 2 hours and 45 minutes of ultimate. It was awesome.

CoachZ said...

Update on Timbo...just talked to Jill. He broke his collar bone and needs to not move for 3 days. He's on good meds and is in great spirits...especially after he found out the marrieds won and it wasn't in vain that he got hurt.

He has some good time off from work so he's ok there and she said they were willing to work with him when he gets back. So all around it's ok...