Thursday, January 31, 2008

Been Sick...

Hey guys (whoever is helping us avg 13 hits a day), sorry for no posts in so long. I got REALLY sick last week or we would have had a Nehemiah 4 posting.

I was ready to deliver it to the guys and my wife went down...104+ degree fever the whole works. I got it the next day and we were both averaging 102 degree fevers until hers broke on Sunday and mine broke just this last Tuesday. Whatever you do don't get this's bad!

We have a lot going on over here in KingdomBuilders land. Nesper is planning a great WtS Breakfast coming up not this Saturday but next (Feb 9th I believe is the date). I think you will be blessed with food, fellowship, teaching (our very own James Rey), and hard work as we go bless the community.

The plans are coming along nicely for Spring Training: Playing for Keeps. We rented the park and have an agenda set. We are just looking for some food since we'll be doing Lunch and Dinner together. Oh and trying to figure out some cool handouts other than another T-Shirt!

Hoping to get together with the guys next Wednesday and you'll get the Nehemiah 4 post we've all been waiting for...yeah right!

Take care...seriously don't get this bug, it's bad news.