Saturday, February 09, 2008

WtS Breakfast Thoughts

I have some pictures, but I can't seem to get them off this camera. I'll post them as soon as I can.

What a great time! We kicked it off with a great breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, and some muffins. We had the usual OJ, Coffee, and milk too. Nesper, Wise, Josh, and Christion did a great job catering. Thanks guys!

Nesper announced the three jobs we had; A Family Care Network home that needed a shed built, a single mom from the fellowship needing some paint and landscaping, as well as the Grand Location needing some odds and ends.

I announced some of the upcoming things within KingdomBuilders that you can see in the last blog. Then James gave a great message out of Proverbs exhortation from Solomon to seek/pursue wisdom and understanding for it will keep us on the path of blessing and off the path of destruction. So good!

Then we broke off into our groups, about 8 men per location (a little less for the Grand Location). I headed for the house that needed painting and landscaping. I'm REALLY good at cutting in while painting, just ask my wife! Just kidding I'm horrible, but my heart is in the right place.

We laid two coats of paint in the hallway. The guys doing landscaping did a great job on her hill, backyard, and side yard trimmings. They had three small pick-up truck loads full of clippings. Brennan Landscapes saved the single mom a bunch of money by letting us add to the burn pile at their headquarters.

We got fed homemade lasagna for lunch to round out the day. One of the guys remarked, "I'll do this once a month!" The single mom thanked us profusely and was super blessed. It was a sweet deal. I'll let Nesper post about the shed build but we heard that went really well.

Thanks to all the men that served! Praise the Lord we can worship him through getting dirty and sweaty with some other dudes. Amen?

We'll do it again March 8th with Elder Marc Amesse speaking. Hope you can be there!


Sara said...

Being that I'm a wife, I take extra-special note of the dates on the calendar and the date for the next WtS is March 8th, not 10th. So cool that you guys are doing this once a month. I thought it was only a one-time thing when I first heard about it.

CoachZ said...

Thanks Sara! Good catch...

chris said...

I thought it was great way to get to know so awsome dudes as well as serve with the skills god gave us. Thanks for the opportunity.