Monday, May 07, 2007

Advance 2007 Feedback

We forgot to hand these out Sunday! If you have any feedback please leave it in the comment section (you can be anonymous or be a man and put your name on it). We'd love to hear what you thought.

If you are interested in any of the things we announced during the Advance go ahead and e-mail me at

Thanks men...hope to have a recap and or some pictures up soon...


Anonymous said...

There can be no doubt, the Holy Spirit filled many a heart over the weekend, mine included. We found the Holy Spirit from the excellent teachings of Pastor Steve, this man is obviously dedicated to spreading the Gospel in a way that is disarming. A perfect tool for "spearing" the hearts of the unsuspecting! By the way, the food was good, and the scenery great, the fellowship excellent. See you next year! In Christ, Bob Wilson

CoachZ said...

Bob, what a blessing to hear that you were...well blessed! It was great to see you and Chris there. See you and Judy at church, if you go to 2nd service on Sunday.

Praise the Lord he filled your heart.