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KingdomBuilders Ministries

Thanks for your interest in Calvary SLO KingdomBuilders, our Men's Ministry. Below are short descriptions of the areas within the ministry and who to contact if you want more info. Also, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
-Patrick Zalamea, Overseer Men's Ministry, 474-8130,

Small Groups
It's all about brotherhood. We have three small groups that meet throughout the week. Check out the bulletin or for the most up to date info.

We try to answer the questions, "What does it mean to be a man, Biblically?" and "When did I become a man?" We try to do this in a one on one setting teaching about the differences between Jesus and Adam as well as requiring each squire to serve in some capacity.

If you are interested contact Christian at 431-7535 or

We are in the process of collecting applications for men that want to meet with an Elder or Deacon for 10 weeks this summer quarter. It can be as formal or informal as you both want it to be.

If you are interested contact James at 543-8516 or

WtS (Worship thru Service)
This area of KingdomBuilders is very close to my heart. I've found that men love to worship God through their service (undefiled religion, feed the hungry, visit prisoners, etc). So we offer as much as we possibly can.

Ongoing you can help out one Saturday every 2 months. There are non-profit organizations that always need help moving, light construction or repair, etc. If nobody needs you the Saturday you are signed up there will be nothing to do. Just sign up with Aaron (contact below) and let him know what Saturdays are usually good for you.

Habitat for Humanities - KingdomBuilders is leading the charge to have CalvarySLO join 11 other churches to bless a family on the central coast with an affordable home. We have committed to:

  1. Sign up to help build the home for at least 6 Saturdays during the build process
  2. Sign up for 6 Saturdays to provide lunch for the workers
  3. Raise $8,000 to help fund the build
If you are interested in WtS contact Aaron N. at 234-1531 or


Events are one of the best ways I know to grow closer to God and other men in the church. We've done Conferences, Breakfasts, and Competitions (Marrieds vs. Singles). Of course, we also do the Men's Advance (formerly known as the retreat) every year (as the Lord leads).

If you are interested in helping out with an event or have a cool idea for one contact Josh at (951) 805-9634 or

FoM Sports Teams have a vision to both grow in fellowship with each other and be a witness for Christ to the other teams. We recently completed our first Basketball season and I think we placed quite high (tied for first?).

If you are interested contact Aaron W. 440-8001 or


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