Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FoM Softball Team Wins 29-6

You heard it here first folks. The interesting thing is the team sent Coach AMac (Aaron McFarland) to the minors in Guatemala...and then they won! Addition from subtraction? j/k

Great job men! Greg or David can you comment on who was playing last night so we can congratulate them? And also any anecdotes you'd like to share.


Aaron said...

wow! so you mean AMac was traded for a cup of joe? Excellent win gents!!

David said...

Let's see... we also had Joey, Dan & Dave Hofstee, Sterling, Kurt, Christian, James, Sean and Andrew.

Last night's game can be summed up in two words: Greg's defense. He caught all our outs in the third inning, including a straight-up horizontal dive up the middle from shortstop. We also turned three or four double plays, mostly by catching line drives.

And with the bat, we scored over five runs almost every inning. Everyone hitting around -- just solid. And, I almost forgot... Joey legged out a (3-run?) HOME RUN!

Aaron said...

WOW! And the coffee here is EXCELLENT! I'll never be the same again. I look forward to subtracting by addition next week.