Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What to Bring!

For those going to the Men's Advance here is a short list of things to bring. I'll keep adding to this list as I think of things.

What to Bring?
-Toilletries (sp?) including your own Towel
-Sleeping stuff like you are camping; Pilow, Sleeping Bag, Air Mattress or Sleeping Pad (We have cabins, but the bunk beds look pretty uncomfortable) 
-Mosquito Repellant
-Cool clothes (it's gonna be hot!)
-Free time stuff: Hiking boots (there is a 4 hour hike), fishing stuff if you wanna fish at Lake Cachuma, Basketball and net for hoop if possible (there is a portable hoop in the loading dock), the rifle range will also be available if we want during the free time (please bring $5 or so if you want to do this)
-Board Games or Wii/PS3/Xbox360? Something to do Friday and Saturday night?

For those not going, please pray for each of us. Here's a list by name as up to date as possible. We'd love to see each man leave with more of Jesus, more life, ready to grow up and make a difference for the Kingdom!

Platoon 1 
James Rey (C) 
Austin Gardner
Chris Consolo
Eric Melgares
Michael Bertino
Peter Uzzi
Ryan Wilson
Tim Romano
Platoon 2
Cabin: Anapamu
Jeff Little (C)
Antonio Varia
Christion Richert
Eric Soderin
Greg Squires
John Brandenberg
Jordan Vargas
Scott Zaballos
Sean Brennan
Platoon 3
Cabin: Sespe
Rob Fitler (C)
Bill Sverchek
Branden Holguin
Chris Stringham
John Williams
Jonathan Sorbello
Kyle Weedon
Manny Galvan
Platoon 4
Cabin: Sisquoc
Steve Anselm (C)
David Lamb
Jacob Brown
Joey Hill
Micah Barstow
Morgan Jones
Nick Weber
Ryan Ouimette
Aaron Nesper
Bryan Stupar
Patrick Zalamea