Monday, January 05, 2009

Fishers of Men and MENtoring Year in Review

To begin, everyone pretend that this was posted last week. That way the Grand Master of Men's Ministry will go just a little easier on me.

Fisher of Men took a hearty blow with the exodus of Aaron Wise who's job transferred him South into the lonely desert. We're hoping one day he manages to find his way out. In his absence the Fishers of Men dominated the SLO City parks and recreation lower division Softball League on games played during the first week of October. Currently in the offseason we're hoping to make some blockbuster deals in free agency and bring in some heavy bats and fast wheels. The Season starts up again in March and sign-ups begin in February. If you want to play, it will be around $50 to sign-up to begin a new team at the beginning of the year.

Fishers of Men also sponsored a few Marrieds v. Singles. There was the run/walk for FCNI in which ... oh I can't remember who won that one. There was also a Futbol game in which the marrieds dominated and it has hence taken us 4 full months to recover. Fishers of Men will be kciking off 2009 by sponsering a Marrieds v. Singles Flag Football game THIS SUNDAY at Meadow park across from Hawthorn on South Street after Church. Bring your food, your cleats, any flag football gear you have, your game face and your medical insurance card.

MENtoring kicked off late in the year. We've had plenty of interest but as is usually the case we've more people interested in being mentored than being a mentor. Needless to say we still have a few stragglers out there looking for men of God to take them under their wing and mentor them. Let this serve as one more reminder that if God is prompting your heart to be a mentor to a young man who wants to draw closer to the heart of God to take that step and contact Aaron McFarland or Patrick Zalamea.