Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Opportunity to help a Brother

Hello men of CalvarySLO. We have an opportunity to help a local family that calls CalvarySLO home. Saturday January 31st this family will be moving from the Laguna Lake area to the area behind Vons off TankFarm and Broad. Without any family in town they are glad to call the people of CalvarySLO family and so they are looking for 8 or 10 guys (especially if you have a pick-up you would be willing to bring) to help them move that Saturday morning. Starting at 10 in the morning 8-10 guys can probably move a 3 bedroom/2 bath house in just a few short hours. A lunch of pizza will be provided when all is said and done. If you would be willing to come and help please comment to this post and I ... er this beautiful family ... would be extremely grateful.


CoachZ said...

How many times did u use the word Family?

Jacob Brown said...

I'm not scheduled to work that day, so Michelle and I will be there, provided there's no gnarly fires that day!

Aaron said...

i'm in. and since patrick responded to the post he is in too!