Sunday, March 26, 2006

Game Over!

Marrieds vs. Singles Basketball
I just got back from the game(s) and they were fun. There were twice as many Single guys as Married so that made for a change in plans. We ended up going tournament style. Winningest Married team (2 teams) vs. winningest Singles team (4 teams). It was a little chaotic but it worked out.

Final score: Singles 15 to Marrieds 7...sorry Marrieds looks like Single guys have bragging rights. Here were the men that played the championship game (sorry if I misspell):

Jeff Little
Dave Walley
Nate Watts
Dan Whistler

Jeremy Cobb
Aaron Nesper (wins award for most banged up!)
Josh Payne
Chris Warren

Thanks to EVERYONE who played not just these guys. Special thanks to Jason "Schmitty" Schmidt...who played with a cold and Chris Warren both these guys helped put some organization to the games.

The game was close for so long with Marrieds looking like they were gonna take the title again. Then the Single guys decided to steal the ball ever chance they got with some aggressive play. When the Marrieds were down Chris Warren tried to pull a Michael Jordan and was doing a great job bringing some hope to the Marrieds. But in the end youth was served! Good job Single men!

Thanks to all you men that was great to see so many men having a good church!

Some of you might ask why we compete...isn't that unspiritual? I would answer you that I believe we as men were designed to compete, to answer the call, to work hard after a goal. These events are for men a metaphor for how we should live the Christian life! The Bible continually exhorts us to run the race, to fight the good fight, to finish well. We want to celebrate that in the men at CalvarySLO and ask you as men to compete even harder for the Kingdom of God!

I pray that the fire in your bellies, the competitive drive that you have would not diminish but would be turned for the advancement of the Kingdom. Figure out what God's call in your life is and GO FOR IT! Go for it like there is a crown at the end even higher than bragging rights here on earth, as cool as that is. Amen!

Until next time Single men! Next game: Ultimate Frisbee?
-Patrick (aka CoachZ)

PS - Don't forget to sign up for the Men's Advance...we'll have 5+ hours of free time and a grassy area at the camp to compete against each other again! Sign up by Apr 9th to save yourself $10!


James said...

Big props to the true winner of 'most banged up' award: Rich Stefke who separated his shoulder (thanks to me) after the contest ended during a pick up coed contest. Ish tried unsuccessfully to get it back in after a valiant effort, and then five of waited at French for a couple of hours to see Rich's smiling face after getting the shoulder back in... so props to ya Rich - you are the man... and sorry :)