Thursday, March 23, 2006

Men's Advance May 12-13, 2006

Picture of Lake San Antonio Camping not our actual campsite

Are you Advancing or Retreating in your walk? Join us as we learn what Paul meant when he said Imitate me as I also imitate Christ (1 Cor 11:1). Oh we are gonna have a great time too!

Sign up by April 9th and you'll pay less. No sign ups after April 23rd. Get a registration form and more information at Church on Sunday or from the Church office.

Look forward to learning together through interactive learning times with your Elder or KingdomBuilders leader, 5-6 hours of free time, great food from Franks and Rib Line, and an awesome Saturday night service under the stars!

Here are a couple of pictures of maps that the park sent me:

We'll be on the South Shore

Camp Redondo Vista, E Loop


CoachZ said...

Paul Cram, Eric Soderin, my son Josh, and I went up to Lake San Antonio today. We left the Grand Location around 7:55am. We arrived at JBs Restaurant in Atascadero for some breakfast. I highly recommend it! Coffee was good and you get loads of food.

We arrived at Lake San Antonio around 9:40am. (It takes about 30 min or so from the 46 exit in Paso to get to the Lake). We got a free 45 min pass to check out the E-Loop where we will be staying.

The Cross Country Gypsies were in our campsites having a good old time being retired looked like to me. We checked out the showers (Cold hope they warm up). Then just walked the grounds to get some good ideas as to which campsites would be the coolest, what the kitchen had for us as far as refrigerators/stove/oven, and where we could best set up the Saturday service.

We stopped right outside the park to pray. It was such a great time to just pour out our hearts to God for you guys. Best part was when Josh (6 years old) chimed it. It was so cool to hear him pray and know that it was his (turn)...I loved it.

All in all it was a great trip. It looks like a great place for us to be men. Before we left we checked out a herd of dear...they were so close!