Thursday, March 30, 2006

Playing for Keeps?

I love this song from Jonah33. It's called "This is it (You Instead of Me).

Because I’m playing for keeps this time around
I’m in too deep
To think about falling down
And giving up again
I want to live each day just like
It was my last chance to prove
You’re all I have
And that is all I need

This is it—it’s what we’re waiting for!
This is it—it’s all we’re fighting for!
I finally get a chance to show the world
What You have done for me
So let this moment be
You instead of me.

Tired and bruised—every broken bone
Reminds me that I’m far from home
And these scars remind me who I am
But You’re the one
the Reason that I run
And I won’t stop until You’re done
You’re the only hope I have

I’ve counted the cost and I know
Everything that matters is
Everything worth fighting for

What are you struggling with?

What are you fighting for?

What are you living for?

This song reminds me that it's worth it! Reminds me to play for do overs. And the reason I run, fight, play for keeps is Jesus Christ my Master and Commander, Captain of the Guard, High and Mighty King of the Angel Armies. Who wants to complete the good work He's started in me! Amen.


Anonymous said...

The song is great. I'm a Christian as well and I do believe that God is the One who helps us see the truth, realize who we are.
Actually, the song reminds me also of an ex..but that doesn't really matter.
Great blog you have!